True gold

True gold

When Tomáš and I took over the U15 category in Regensburg, we had a goal and a dream, but we had no idea what exactly awaited us.

I have officially trained in the U15 category since 2019, but everything only strated to take a shape when Tomáš joined us. Team SB in full power! We both had experience with coaching but never the whole category. I don’t remember exactly what it was like because I have a memory as leaky as a colander, but I know I was excited and we immediately started working. We set goals, went through our strengths and weaknesses, determined what needs to be worked on and what we will leave for later, determined the culture we want to have in the team and hoped to be on the same page with the whole team.

The beginnings were rough and exhausting. However, we wanted to show ourselves and others that we have what it takes and when we care about something, we are able to achieve what we have set out. Trust the process! It mainly means setting a goal, creating a plan and literally trusting the whole process! YOLO, here we go.

As a team manager, Tomáš took care of all managerial duties, communication with parents and training planning. I took care of strength and conditioning and pitchers.

I would never believe how those kids grow to my heart. Sometimes it was very difficult when I got up to work at four in the morning, went home from work to eat, sat down for half an hour, prepared things, and then immediately to train the kids and then straight to my own practice until nine in the evening. On weekends I had my own games or U15 games. Like this, almost every day the same, all season long.

Despite all this, practice with children charged me with incredible energy. I was happy with every little of their success because it was a success fought together. With each failure came the challenge of finding a way together. Amazing group of little people!

But now is the time to brag. During the whole time that Tomáš and I have been training the team, for about 2 years, we have not lost a single game! I would never believe it. Not even at the German championship where we won a gold medal! But it was just the icing on the cake.

For me, the medal doesn’t just mean that we are the best in all of Germany. The medals are for me all the moments we spent on the field with them. All the fun we had, but also the difficult moments we overcame. It is a symbol of friendship and respect that we had with the players. It’s the parents of the children, who always created a great atmosphere and helped the team where it was needed. These are rainy days when we were just talking. All the nerves we lost by repeating ourselves over and over. All the nonsense they came up with and the memories we have left.

That gold is one of the most valuable I have ever won and I will remember it when I see these guys in the German national team soon fighting for their place on the European stage and I can’t wait!

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