Tomáš Ondra

My name is Tomáš Ondra and I was born in Uherské Hradiště. At the age of 2, we emigrated to Ostrava, where my story began.

I have always been an exemplary student, without disciplinary action, always with honors. The sport started to be interesting for me at the age of five, when I discovered ice-hockey. I had to give it up after six months due to pneumonia.

For me, the sport is far from over. I got to floorball, where I worked my way up to the position of team captain. Later, baseball was added to floorball. Doing two sports is challenging, so a decision had to be made. I decided to continue baseball, which turned out to be a good decision.

Already during my first season, I got a chance to represent the Czech Republic. As time went on, I tried different positions on the field. Then we, however, stopped hitting pitchers and started to devote ourselves fully to pitching.

Baseball allowed me to look at almost all continents except Africa. I have experienced a lot of both team and individual success. I value the title of the best pitcher at the European Under-18 Championships, fifth place at the World Championships in Taiwan with the team under 23 and the title in the Czech league with Arrows Ostrava.

There are people without whom I would not be where I am now. Above all, it is Dan Krejčiřík who taught me everything I needed. Michael “Gangster” Lisko, who showed me the right direction in pitching. Boris Bokaj, who taught me what it actually means to be a pitcher at a higher level. And, of course, my colleague, Jan Tomek, who is a bit of a “hatter”, but without him I wouldn’t be where I am and the project Svět baseballistů  would never have come into being.

I am currently playing in Germany for Legionäre Regensburg, where I am pitching for the first team. When I am not talking to Jan over Skype I take care of the talented youths in Regensburg. Specifically U15 category.