Pitching mound


Our pitching mound is designed in a way that covers the importance of youth development. 


Made in Czech republic with “golden czech hands”. Approved by the SB boys. 


You won´t need a van anymore. Regular wagon car will be enough. 


Due to a manual manufacture, sky is the limit. 


Tailored to your needs. Do you want a pink one? No problem! 

Basic informations

– sizes of the mound are (in cm) 25 height, 70 width and 240 lenght
– meets official requirements of MLB pitching mound
– options of a wider version (80-100cm)
– weight of the whole construction approximately 16Kg

Used materials

– for the contruction we are using an anti-slide wood which helps with a strong landing
– seperate parts are connected with strong hinges which allow an easy folding and unfolding
– safety first! nothing will interfere anywhere 


Accesorries and gadgets

– on the back side we have installed durable wheels for an easier transportation
– cool gadget is the white line which helps us to stay in a god line towards the home plate 
– pitching rubber is screwed tightly and in case of need it can be easily replaced 

Endurance and solidity 

– sides of the mound are closed by strong enough clips and holding the whole construction in one piece
– cleverly designed hole for the handle so that it does not interfere with disassembly
– you can find another whole on the side of the mound for an easy flipover 
– screws in combinatiton with a glue ensure that the mound will hold together 

Tested by professionals

Due to a proper choice of the materials, durability of the pitching mound is very high. So there is nothing that is stopping you from the best possible performance during the off-season. 

Folding manual 

In 4 easy steps it will take you up to 30 seconds 

1. Move to the side 
2. Put together bottom part with middle one
3. Put together middle with top part
4. Roll on the side and close the other side 

How to put it together 

We also have something for those who prefer instructional videos. Below you can see how Honza mastered the folding. 


We offer 3 options, Basic, Upgraded and Personalized. 



  • 70x80x240cm
  • Pitching rubber
  • Anti-slide wood
  • Build-in wheels
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Individual price

  • Individual sizes
  • Your logo on the side
  • Anti-slide tape at the bottom
  • Plastic edge covers
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We did not lie about the transportation

The advantage of a collapsible pitching mound is that it really fits into a medium-sized car. You may need to fold down the seats. But it´s still better than getting a van and people to help with the transport