Jan Tomek

My name is Jan Tomek. I was born in the small town of Frýdek-Místek in northern Moravia, not far from Ostrava and near the Slovakian and Polish borders.

I have been playing baseball since I was a child. I started my first baseball adventure in my home town club Klasik F-M under the leadership of Marcel Pardík and Jan Maštalíř. At the age of eleven, I had the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic for the first time at my first European Championship in Moscow.

After finishing primary school, I decided to follow my dream and play for the Draci Brno. After moving to Brno, I played for the Uniform Express for the first three years and then for the Draci. My next steps led me back to northern Moravia, when I finished my high school at the age of twenty and started playing for Arrows Ostrava.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport, I moved to Germany, specifically to Regensburg and played my first season abroad for Legionaere. I also had the opportunity to travel and play for Brisbane in Australia, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Munich in Germany.

During my career, I gained a lot of experience, also thanks to the National team of the Czech Republic, where I have been playing since I was young, and had the opportunity to travel and play in distant countries such as Taiwan, Korea, USA or Mexico.

My biggest successes at the club level include the Champion title in the Dutch Hoofdklasse and at the European Champions Cup with the Curacao Neptunus. In the Nationa team of the Czech Republic, it is then the fifth place at the World Championship Under-23  and the qualification for the World Baseball Classic.

Pavel Chadim is definitely among the people who have influenced me the most when it comes to baseball, but also Radek Procházka or Gregory McCarthy.

I am currently playing for the third year in Regensburg, Germany, where I won the title of the best pitcher of the Southern League in 2020. When I’m not training myself, I take care of the development of young pitchers here in Regensburg and in the Czech Republic.