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Project World of Baseball Players

The World of Baseball Players project was established in 2015 as an information channel for young baseball players, which mapped our path through European baseball. Over the years, however, the project has undergone minor changes.

The original intention did not go as planned. But our journey did not end there. The focus remained the same, we just started to pay attention to league matches in the German Bundesliga and educational articles. 

As the months passed, we came up with a new idea. We started making videos to serve as a tool for young pitchers who don’t know how to train. It did not go unnoticed and after mutual agreement we held our first training camp in Kladno, for the local club Miners.

The camp kicked us so much that we are working together, with Stefan Müller and Dr. Alex Lee, created the concept of a program for the development of Czech baseball, which is planned to be launched in early 2021 in cooperation with the NBP (National Baseball Program).

  In 2021, we came up with the SB Athletics concept, which is dedicated to comprehensive development training. The aim of our project is to create a brand that has no analogues in the Czech Republic and thus start a new trend in training and approach to the development of talented youth.

If you are interested in more about our project, you can listen to the On_Deck podcast under the auspices of the Czech Baseball Association.

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